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Experienced Fundraising And Development Strategies

Thank you for your interest in ConnorMedia. For the past 12 years, we have helped ministries, nonprofits and businesses achieve their fundraising and development goals. Professionalism and excellence are the hallmarks of ConnorMedia. Our mission is to empower you and your team through tested, proven and innovative direct-marketing and media-communication strategies. Please, give us the opportunity to help increase your revenue, expand your impact and find long-term success.

Our Strength


Our strength is designing and providing the best possible fundraising/development solutions for our clients. Successful direct-mail, email and social-media campaigns are the key to nonprofits attaining their revenue goals. ConnorMedia has a strong track record of excellent performance and proven results that can help you fulfill your mission and achieve your vision.

Your Vision


ConnorMedia knows that your message (your voice, really) is the key to connecting with supporters. We can help you find potential donors, win new donors and strengthen your relationships with established donors. Our goal is to communicate clear, concise, consistent and compelling content across every spectrum of media in order to grow your database and increase your revenue.   

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